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Membership of the Club is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is 'clubbable'; that is they want to meet other like-minded ladies and gentlemen to enjoy their company in convivial surroundings.  To apply to be a Member you must be proposed and seconded by two existing Members whom you know well.  Once you have a proposer and seconder, you can apply by filling in the proposal form, which can be downloaded here.

The second page is for your proposer and seconder to fill in. Once the form is complete, it can be returned by post or email to the Secretary. The Managers consider all applicants and then, normally, names are placed in the Candidates Book for two months for further sufficient support from other Members.  

The subscription for 2023-24 for a Town Member (that is working or living within 25 miles of the Club) is £1020  The maximum entrance fee is £1270.  Both subscription and entrance fees vary according to age and, in the former’s case, place of residence.  Details can be gained from the Secretary

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